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Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands Experience

  • ROO Study for Forum Secretariat towards a framework for EPA negotiations with the European Union – visits were conducted to Fiji, Vanuatu, PNG, Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands.  A report was subsequently prepared (2003).

  • Standards and Conformance Studies for Forum Secretariat – a visit was made to the Cook Islands.  A report was subsequently prepared (2003).

  • PICTA Impact Study for Forum Secretariat – desk study (2007).

  • Study on Government Procurement – travel to Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Nauru (2009). 

  • Review of Pacific Island Trade and Investment Commission – travel to Fiji, Samoa, FSM and Solomon Islands (2009).

  • Review and Stock take of Trade Facilitation activities under way in Pacific Island Countries (2011).

  • Workshops in Samoa – Pacific Trade Training Module (2011) and Pacific Trade Training Module (2012).

  • PIPSO Trade Workshop in Nadi (2013).

  • Advice on options regarding the excise regime in a Pacific Island economy (2015). 

  • MSG Consultancy – Study on MSG Export Products (September-December 2015).

  • OCO Consultancy – Review and development of a Strategic Plan (2016-2017).

  • PIFS Consultancy – Review of PICTA Rules of Origin (2019).