Blackburn Consulting Ltd

Blackburn Consulting Ltd

Areas of Expertise

Make representations on legislation to Parliamentary Committees.

Assist in the formation of investment proposals.

Represent companies in Customs audits.

Provide advice on Customs and trade law in the context of the various WTO Agreements.

Provide advice to parties in dumping, subsidies and safeguard actions in New Zealand and Australia.

Provide advice on specific aspects of Customs and trade law.

Develop structures to minimize the value for duty. 

Provide support to litigation.

Provide advice on the interpretation and commercial application of Trade Agreements.

Make presentations to visiting trade delegations.

Represent companies before the Customs Appeal Authority.

Deliver webinars and technical workshops.

Provide advice on excise duty.

Develop structures to minimize payment of duties and obtain duty refunds.



In summary, we provide solutions to problems incurred in the movement of goods

  • Rules of origin

  • Customs valuation

  • Duty concessions

  • Tariff classifications

  • Duty drawbacks

  • Refunds and remissions

  • Interpretation of Trade Agreements

  • Advice on international trade and Customs requirements non-tariff barriers, standards and phytosanitary requirements.